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Custom Instruments ...
Where Sound, Beauty and Function combine

As traditional and time-consuming as it may be, each instrument is created individually. Up until mid-2016, some 185 instruments have been completed, most having been custom ordered.

Because the instrument is made for you, its size, shape and set-up will be how you like it.

Well-seasoned stable materials and refined design ensure the instruments play, and stay, in tune.

You will purchase from the Luthier who makes your guitar for you, which puts a custom-made instrument within your reach.


Steve Barkman Guitars

Steve enjoys the personal contact involved when creating that special instrument for you.

"I enjoy hearing a prospective customer play, tell me their likes and dislikes, then work with them to select the most suitable materials and design for their own instrument, preferably in person.

"Some want specific design features and/or inlays added.  I’ve done ferns, kereru, miro berries, kea, tui, kiwi, trout, harebell flowers, scotch thistle, lily, and names.

"Seeing and hearing my instruments played at gigs and festivals is a rewarding way of keeping contact with them and my customers."

Steve Barkman Guitars


Many friends are customers – many customers become friends.

See the Picture Gallery for examples of some custom instruments made by Steve.